Damona Non-Dairy Cheese & Cream *NOW AVAILABLE*



The inspiration behind Damona Divine Cow came from both our desire to make it easier for people to stop supporting the cruel dairy industry, as well as to make a dairy free cheese that taste delicious, has a great mouthfeel, has high quality ingredients and doesn’t cost a fortune.
We wanted to offer gourmet products that can be enjoyed by anyone who likes good food, not only vegans and lactose intolerants.
A lot of people who would like to give up dairy, for whatever reason, are having a hard time finding a good substitute for cheese. Either the flavour or texture, or both, is lacking, and very often they have poor quality of ingredients such as modified starches and chemically refined oils.
Fortunately there are more and more business on the market now trying to provide a solution to this, and we at Damona Divine Cow are proud to be part of this movement.

  • Made with Organic Ingredients
  • Australian Made
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Grain Free
  • Sugar Free


This Dairy free almond based feta alternative has been prepared using the best biodynamic almonds, baked carefully and
marinated in a beautiful mix of herbs and spices. Eat as is, on bread, or add to a salad.

Ingredients: Almonds, Water, Extra virgin olive oil*, Lemon juice, Himalaya Salt, Nutritional yeast, Culture (contains soy)*, Apple cider vinegar*, Vegetable enzyme.
Marinade: Rice bran oil, Extra virgin olive oil*, Mixed peppercorns*, Preserved lemon, Rosemary *Certifed organic ingredients


This non-dairy cheese is carefully handmade in Melbourne, using only the best ingredients to create a beautiful and authentic fresh mozzarella flavour. A wonderful and delicious alternative to dairy cheese that works equally well on pizzas as in salads.

Ingredients: Brine (water, Himalaya Salt), Cultured Soy milk*, Coconut oil*, Tapioca starch*, Carrageenan, Himalaya salt, White wine vinegar*, Lemon juice, Natural Preservative (E 235). *Certified organic ingredients


This deliciously creamy non-dairy Brie is hand made in Melbourne, perfect on crackers or on a cheese platter.

Ingredients: Cultured Soy milk*, Coconut oil*, Tapioca starch*, Miso, Nutritional yeast, Carrageenan, Apple cider
vinegar*, Himalaya salt, Natural Preservative (E 235). *Certified organic ingredients


This gourmet Mozzarella style dairy free cheese is handmade in Melbourne. With sundried tomato, paprika flakes and herbs mixed
through, it tastes beautiful on its own, on a cheese platter, or grated and melted on pizza, pasta, lasagna and so on.

Ingredients: Cultured Soy milk*, Coconut oil*, Tapioca our*, Carrageenan, Himalaya salt, Sundried tomato*,White wine vinegar*, Lemon juice, Dried paprika flakes, Herbs, Natural Preservative (E 235). *Certified organic ingredients


This non-dairy pepperjack with a kick of chilli is lovingly hand-made in Melbourne, to provide a beautiful alternative to dairy cheese with all
the right flavours. As good melted on nachos or toasties, as it is served sliced on fresh bread or crackers, this cheese is versatile and delicious for any occasion.

Ingredients: Cultured Soy milk*, Coconut oil*, Tapioca starch*, Carrageenan, Nutritional yeast, Apple cider vinegar*, Lemon juice, Himalaya salt, Red & green chilli, Mustard powder, Turmeric, Natural Preservative (E 235). *Certified organic ingredients


This absolutely delicious dairy free cream has a beautiful flavour of vanilla and a subtle sweetness of organic maple syrup. Use as is, or you can whip it up like a dairy cream.

Ingredients: Dairy free cream(Soymilk and Coconut oil)*, Maple syrup*, Guar gum*, Australian unrened sea salt, Vanilla*. *Certified organic ingredients


Please go to their website for more information: http://www.damona.com.au/