Hand-crafted Great Tasting Treats from Kitz Living Foods

Kitz Group

Born Organic is now distributing the Kitz Living Foods range in Western Australia.

CHUNKS    Healthy & delicious snack bars | All of chunk ingredients are ‘activated’ by an overnight soak in cool filtered water, and then low-temperature dehydrated (below 47º C).

CRACKERS    Kitz’s signature product | packed with flavour and nutrition |  All of cracker ingredients are ‘activated’ by an overnight soak in cool filtered water, and then low-temperature dehydrated (below 47º C).

ACTIVATED NUTS    Activating washes off enzyme inhibitors like phytic acid, and that makes seeds and nuts easier to digest. What is Activated & Raw?

COCONUT DREAM    Sweet, chewy coconut bliss that are totally delicious | Made with a beautiful organic shredded coconut and organic brown rice syrup base, plus the highest quality organic dried fruit, organic cacao and organic vanilla.

GRANOLA    Crunchy Granolas are versatile go-anywhere granola snacks that can do tripleduty as breakfast cereals, dessert toppings, or ready-to-eat treats. | Made with activated seeds and nuts.

PIZZA BASES    This dinner plate sized raw pizza bases are newest creations from Kitz Kitchen

All products are free from: gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, eggs, soy, peanuts, sesame, fish, shellfish, and cane sugar. All of our products are also vegan and raw*.

*Coconut Cream is not completely raw.

Please go to their website for more information: http://www.kitzlivingfoods.com.au/