Made by Cow Cold Pressed Raw Milk *AVAILABLE BY PRE-ORDER*

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Made in Australia from local ingredients

Jersey Cow Milk at its creamiest, tastiest, purest and most nutritious

Unhomogenised & Unpasteurised

Keep Refrigerated, Store between 2 – 4℃

CTN 12 | 750ml

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Our Story

Put simply, we’re three Aussies who miss drinking milk like we did when we were growing up. Fetching it from the milking shed with that delicious layer of cream on top. Back then it was pretty much straight from the cow. You could say we’re traditionalists but it’s that nostalgia that’s driven us to find a new, world first method of producing raw milk that is cold pressed, delicious, nutritious and completely safe to drink. The way nature intended.  Without resorting to heat pasteurisation, homogenisation and all the other processes most modern milk goes through. We hope you enjoy our milk as much as we do!

The Science Behind Our Milk

• It’s not heat pasteurised, homogenised, diluted or standardised
• Our milk comes from a single herd of Jersey cows and goes straight into the bottle just 15 minutes away in Berry, NSW
• It is then subjected to extreme cold pressure, even greater than the Mariana Trench, the deepest point of the Ocean.
• This kills all the harmful pathogens, but is much gentler on the good stuff – like Milk’s natural nutrients & goodness.
• Its the first and only non heat pasteurised milk in Australia to be approved and licensed for sale by the NSW Food Authority


Is it safe to drink?

We use a 3 stage process to guarantee our cold pressed raw milk is 100% safe to drink, which involves:

Careful herd management
Our cows are well fed, regularly checked by a vet and all of them carry heat-time monitors (a fitbit for cows) tracking their activity and sleep patterns in real time.

More hygienic milking practices
We pay extra attention to cleaning our milking equipment and our cow’s udders.
It’s all part of a food safety plan especially designed for our dairy.

Cold high pressure to make it safe
Our patented cold pressure production method removes the harmful bacteria in raw milk, whilst retaining more of milk’s natural goodness.

The NSW Food Authority has approved our cold pressing method as being as safe or safer than heat pasteurization and every batch of Made by Cow milk is tested before it goes out to stores.



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