We take organic veggies, fruits, and nuts, and craft them into snacks through a combination of wizardry and low-temperature dehydration. Every bag is a gift to your health. You’re worth it!

From our founder, Penny Ann Horowytz aka Blessing: “When I set my mind to making truly healthy snacks, I start with only raw, organic veggies, fruits, and nuts. Then I craft these pure ingredients to my palate’s desire through a combination of wizardry and gentle processing techniques. Everything I create will make you feel Alive & Radiant!

We sprout, mix and dehydrate our ingredients at low temperatures so that they remain ‘raw’. Since we never bake or fry, you can rest assured that the fat in our products comes from heart-healthy nuts and seeds. The nutrients and great taste stay intact and aren’t processed away! All of the fats in our food come from healthy nuts and seeds!


Amazonia is a large health food company with a goal to provide more nourishing sustainable food. We believe that “you are what you eat” and strive to provide real health options for people who choose a bright natural lifestyle. We simply live and breath what we preach and aim to share our love for this raw natural way of being.

Our Acai component to our business is booming, we’re now preserving over 3000 acres (and growing!) of Acai rainforest and supporting over 4000 Brazilian families. Together we’re creating a brighter future for the precious Amazon, its people while providing an exceptional product to you. There is a real sense of purpose behind what we do, so thank you for being apart of this ~ Shine Brighter

Amazonia believe in the health benefits of their product and want to spread the message of better living through nutrition to as many people as possible. They know that sustainable superfoods will become the basis for treating many of the prevalent diseases that plague western culture. If they could yell out a message to every corner of the globe it would be: ‘Eat organically, eat naturally, do well by others, and always remember you are what you eat’.


At Amy’s Kitchen, we make food in much the same way as you do at home. We start out with the freshest, organic vegetables we can find. We purchase high quality pastas, grains, beans and hormone free dairy from cows that are pasture raised.

We make everything by hand. Our sauces are prepared in stages; first by heating oil, then adding aromatics and followed by fresh veggies and tomatoes. All the ingredients cook slowly until they reach their fullest flavor.

Interested in finding out more about our kitchen? We’re happy to show you around. Simply click on one of the stories on the left.


We are like you. Participants in a society offering limited alternative options, drinking chlorinated water, pasteurized milk, experiencing daily stress, working irregular hours and consuming processed food. We are aware that chronic diseases, fatigue and cancers have increased dramatically and alarmed about what our modern lifestyle and ‘germ free’ environment can do to our body’s defences and overall health.

In the wake of the growing worldwide processed food/drink epidemic, Babushka’s has looked to the past for traditional healthy drink alternatives. Kefir, a cousin of yoghurt, with a stronger probiotic profile, reputation for longevity and an immune booster was an obvious choice. We enriched our kefir with ABC probiotics (Acidophilus, bifido and casei) and prebiotic inulin fibre, developing a product that offers health benefits beyond its basic nutritional value.

We are a father and son business, with limited production, supplying health food stores, independent supermarkets, delis, juice bars and fitness centres. We practice traditional and artisanal production methods and the proud result is a quality beverage with benefits beyond its nutritional value.


Barambah Organics is a vertically integrated company, based in Brisbane QLD, producing high quality certified organic products. Barambah Organics sources its fresh organic milk from its own farm at Glenarbon, situated on the Dumaresq River, on the NSW/QLD border.

Barambah Organics produces a range of certified organic dairy products, namely yoghurt and freshly bottled milk. Barambah has received many awards since it began in 2002 and is very grateful to its passionate consumers and distributors.


“Healthy Pets, Healthy Owners, Healthy Environment”

The manufacturers of Biopet Organic Dog Food and Biopet Vegan Dog Food believe in this ethos and have formulated their products to meet the growing demands of likeminded individuals. The Organic range has no GMO ingredients is free from growth promotants, hormones and antibiotics whilst containing no artificial colours or harmful preservatives. The Vegan product is 100% vegan and sourced solely within Australia using vegetables, malt and whole grains to supply the necessary energy and protein.


We strive to make organic, biodynamic and GE-free food available to all New Zealanders. We source only quality products that are sustainably produced by organic or biodynamic methods, thereby creating a distribution chain that is both ecologically and socially responsible. Our status as a founding member of the GE-Free communities and general support of the GE-Free movement attest to our social responsibility.


Imagine….the freshly squeezed cream from the white flesh of the coconut passionately handcrafted into the most delicious coconut milk vegan yogurt and coconut milk ice cream dairy free….

‘Heaven in a mouthful’ and of course 100% natural…. 100% dairy free…. 100% gluten free…. 100% guilt free vegan yogurt…. 100% guilt free vegan ice cream!


Discover how we went from making popcorn in our home to bringing you the world’s best popcorn. Just visit out website to learn more.


Conscious Chocolates -The original, raw, vegan chocolate bars.

Our Chocolates are delicious, hand-made, vegan chocolate bars. Our range is created from premium quality, organic, raw and primarily wild ingredients.

Conscious Chocolates, the original raw vegan chocolate, have been enjoyed throughout the world since 2004. Our chocolate combines premium quality and health without compromising taste. All of our delicious vegan chocolate bars are entirely hand-made and hand-wrapped.

From humble beginnings Conscious Chocolates have expanded rapidly, always keeping at our core an integrity for making uncompromisingly healthy, sumptuous vegan chocolate. We are delighted to be leading the market in the UK and Ireland, continental Europe and the Middle East.

The whole of the Conscious Chocolate range is vegan, vegetarian and organically certified. It has always been important to us at Conscious that everyone can enjoy our wonderful chocolate, regardless of dietary requirements.


DJ&A is a multinational importer, exporter, distributor and manufacturer of quality food and beverages and general consumer goods. At DJ&A We love to share our passion for quality food and beverages that the whole family can enjoy.


EVEN BETTER CRUNCH – Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

After carefully considering ways to improve the texture of our delicious crispbreads,
and thus ensuring our wonderfully characteristic crunch is more consistently enjoyable,
we have now decided to add a small amount of organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the recipe
across the range.

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil? In a single word – quality. The healthy aspects of olive
oil are well known and only the extra virgin grade can deliver the high level of quality
(as it’s only ever made from the best olives) that we believe is right for Dr Karg and you.


We believe it’s time for Brits to stand up for their taste buds and say no to cardboard
crispbreads. It’s time to choose our Dr Karg bread of distinction, packed with omega-boosting
seeds to fuel the day. Join our amnesty and tweet us @DrKragUK with the #notcardboard hashtag
and you could get one of 2,000 sample packs. Go on, join the crispbread revolution!


Situated at Dumbleyung in southern Western Australia, Eden Valley Biodynamic Farm is owned and farmed by the Lloyd family who practise ecologically-sustainable, traditional agriculture. Eden Valley farm is an original selection of land that encompasses a total mini-catchment of 1295 hectares. The property is blessed with natural ridge boundaries to the north, west and south and man-made boundaries made up of either 40 metre road or railway reserves or double fenced shelterbelts. Any remaining boundaries are progressively planted to trees and double fenced to further minimise weed blow in and chemical spray drift onto the property.

An integrated surface drainage system harvests water into dams and directs surplus (uncontaminated by fertiliser or chemical) safely from the property via natural drainage lines. Owing to its unique position in the landscape, Eden Valley is an entity in, and of itself, within which microclimate regulation and water table control is possible. Demeter certified flour, grain, eggs and hay are produced free of genetic modifications, chemicals and synthetic fertilisers. The farm’s flourmill processes biodynamic grain grown on the farm into certified baker’s flour, wholemeal, atta, self-raising, rye and barley flours.

Other certified products include whole grains for milling and sprouting, eggs from hand-reared poultry and stock feeds of straw, hay and formulated livestock pellets for sheep, cattle, horses and goats, as well as poultry crumble for free-ranging laying hens.

All produce is hand packaged with the striking flour packaging design the subject of an award.


One beautiful spring day four years ago, while on a business trip in China, I found myself travelling through a small neighbourhood on the outskirts of Beijing. Due to road works the cab driver dropped me off about a mile away from my hotel. As I meandered through the streets I came across a humble Chinese Organic Medicine store which advertised an organic selection. The small shelf was overflowing with curios products with both Chinese and English writing on the packs. One interesting item that caught my eye was a strange package of Organic Tofu Noodles (made from soybeans). So I bought it and when I arrived home, I cooked it. It was delicious and as I looked at the Nutritional Facts, I could not believe the values shown.

On my next trip to China, I searched for the packing company and after my first meeting with them I realised that the Organic Soybean Noodles can also be made from a wide variety of healthy organic beans such as, Black Beans, Mung Beans, Green Soybeans (Edamame), Adzuki Beans and Red Kidney Beans. They are produced from Beans and Water – Gluten Free. High in Protein and Low in Carbs, nutritional values just as the original label had promised.

Developing these very simple but innovative pastas in Spaghetti and Fettuccine shape, packing them in beautiful easy to use packaging, and bringing to people’s home an alternative very healthy Gluten Free Pasta that will always cook Al Dente no matter how long you overcook them, made me very excited and enthusiastic, giving me the energy to explore many more products from Asia.

Hence the name … Explore Asia


We believe in bringing pure, organic yoghurt to the people. Free from all the usual nasties and instead loaded with far more pronounceable ingredients such as organic fruits and cane sugar, we reckon our yoghurt is the best out there and from what we are hearing, you think so too! We love hearing from yoghurt lovers across the land so don’t hesitate to hit us up with your comments.

We deliver a 100% Australian product. Our milk is sourced from Australian family run farms (one of our farms is run by fourth generation family farmers – pretty real huh?), is made in our Australian factory and delivered to healthy Australians with as low food miles as possible.

We support a happy Australia, happy cows and above all happy tummies


Four Leaf Farms is an environment with a uniquely balanced ecosystem, situated in a region of rich red brown earth in the hills and plains of the Tarlee district in South Australia. Herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or fumigants have never been used. Four Leaf Milling (Pty) Ltd. was established in 1968 to process the grain from Four Leaf Farms and to maintain control over quality of the finished grain product. Grains in our Four Leaf products are grown on our farms and other selected certified Australian Bio-dynamic and Organic farms. Our innovative stone milling methods coupled with stringent certification and inspection requirements guarantee that products of the highest quality are produced.

Gavin Dunn
Managing Director


Fraser Coast

Our certified organic free range farm is located on the Fraser Coast 200 acres of rolling green pastures. The climate on the coast is ideal for free ranging hens all year round. We are a family business that has been caring for free range hens for over twenty years, and as A-Grade Certified Organic since 2004.

The organic grain fed to our hens is sourced from Certified Organic farms. We mix our own feed on our farm then feed fresh to the hens. Certified Organic free range eggs are naturally healthy and environmentally friendly. However, farmers that produce non-certified ‘free range eggs’ are allowed to feed hens with grains that has been sprayed with chemicals and pesticides.

We are passionate about Organic egg farming and offer our customers a high quality egg plus a healthy and humane choice.


The grains for Good Morning Cereals are sourced from Australian farmers, whenever possible. Whether
it is rice from Riverina, spelt from Gunnedah or sorghum and millet from the Darling Downs, we like to
think you can taste the Australian sunshine in our products. All of our retail products are certified
organic, grown by farmers who care as much as we do about quality and purity.

The process for creating Good Morning Cereals is simple. We take the finest, organic whole grains
and apply heat and pressure – the result is a light, wholesome and digestible way to enjoy all the
goodness of the grain. This suits the increasing numbers of people who suffer from allergies and food sensitivities.

Good Morning Cereals also give you scope to create your own ideal breakfast – simply mix your
favourite puffed grains and add dried and fresh fruit, nuts or seeds, honey or pure maple syrup, and
your choice of milk, yoghurt or juice.

If you care about what you eat and want to be part of the growing group of people who are looking
for organic Australian produce, join the Good Morning Cereals family and start your day with pure, simple goodness.

It’s also good to know you are doing your bit to support our organic farmers, to reduce the chemical
impact on our environment and to minimise your food miles. We also supply to manufacturers who use our
puffed grains in other tasty cereals, muesli and health bars.


At Green & Black’s our aim is to create great tasting chocolate. We believe that every step from bean
to bar is equally important – whether it’s sourcing and using the finest organically grown cocoa beans or
taking that extra time and care to bring out the distinct flavour that has become our trademark.

The story of how Green & Black’s began is certainly a unique one. People often ask us questions about
organic sourcing, ethical sourcing and trading, the early days and how we got our name. So to answer most
of your questions, visit our website.


The ‘Green Grove’ farm is a 1100 hectare property situated near Ardlethan, in the magnificent and fertile
Riverina region of New South Wales. The farm has been owned by the Druce family since 1918. In 1962, the current
owner Alan Druce, became concerned about pollution in the food chain. He set about taking steps toward pure food
production by eliminating harmful sprays, artificial fertilisers and other ‘modern day’ farming practices designed
to ‘enhance’ farm production, becoming in the process one of the pioneers of organic farming in Australia.

This method of farming is based on the nurturing of the whole farm ecology, and treating it as an incredibly
intricate, interdependent and fragile system that needs to be understood and cared for. The Green Grove logo, the
hand, soil and grain, depicts farmers being caretakers of the ecology, to produce food. Since 1987 ‘Green Grove’
has had an association with the Australian National University (ANU) and is almost constantly being monitored
and compared with conventional farming. The results of these tests are regarded as significant, sometime astonishing,
to the point of ‘Green Grove’ being regarded as one of the premier organic test cases in Australia, and indeed the world.

In July of 1998 the ‘Green Grove’ site was presented at the 7th International Conference of Ecology in Florence,
Italy as a significant organic test site. Today the Druce family, the fourth generation on ‘Green Grove’, enjoy
the results of a long-standing organic conversion, and continue to seek ways and methods of better food production.


Healthybake is an Australian family owned business that produces a range of organic healthy breads,
both wheat alternative and gluten free which are suitable for people with wheat allergies, diabetes or
people wishing to eat healthy and experience different foods. On our website you’ll find information on
our products including nutritional tables, as well as details on how to contact us and frequently
asked questions.


At Kialla Pure Foods we only do organic. You can trust us as your source for genuine organic cereal grains, flours
and other products. At Kialla, we’re passionate about organic food because we recognise that the whole system is connected
– soil, plants, animals, food, people, and, not least, the environment. It is our aim to assist in the stewardship of the
land and environment by providing sustainable returns to the producers of food – our most basic need – such that these
producers can continue to nurture Mother Nature. We strive to work in harmony with nature and the seasons, producing
healthy food without wasting limited resources or destroying precious farmland in the process.

Kialla Pure Foods is one of the largest organic cereal grain processing operations in Australia. Established in the
late 1980’s many years of reliable organic production has forged Kialla a hard earned reputation for professionalism
and integrity, both locally and in international markets.

Kingland and Pureland

Our mission is to create tasty and wholesome food using the goodness of 100% organic non-GMO soybeans for vegetarians, vegans and the health conscious. Located in the sunny state of Queensland, King International first started in 1987 when husband and wife, Eric and Rachel Hsu wanted to bring authentic traditional Chinese cuisine to Australia. From very humble beginnings, they began with supplying soft tofu to Chinese grocery stores. Over the years using their ingenuity, they fused modern processes and patented technologies with traditional know how to produce the delicious and nutritious goodies that we now enjoy.


At Living Planet we work hard to produce the very best organic and natural products for you and your family. We do our best to ensure the highest quality, best tasting food.

All Living Planet products are produced without the use of pesticides, genetically modified organisms, hormones, or any other harmful chemicals.

Our cows are free to wander the paddocks, and always have a plentiful supply of fresh clean water. We support organic products and say no to genetically altered products.


We are based in the South West of Western Australia.We are on a Bio-Dynamic farm.We have about three thousand Avocado trees and 3 different varties of plums. We also have a Organic Veggie farm on the other side of town. Our business is a family owned and run business. The vegetable farm is called Bio-Veg. We believe in posative thoughts and eating well and having graditutde in everything we do.


Pick Me Up Balls by Luv Sum are nat-ural energy and pro-tein balls full of nat-ural good-ness with no added preser-v-a-tives or sugar, made in Australia.


Our farm in Treeton, South Western Australia, began the organic certification process in 2004 with guidance and thorough and frequent testing of soils by the nationally accredited certification body NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia). We became proudly fully certified organic in early 2008, our certification number is 6250.

We primarily produce organic milk and cheese. The milk is sourced from our own cows and the cheeses are made adhering to strict organic procedures. Our business is family owned and operated, with tremendous support from the organic community, and also from people who really enjoy the taste of our products!


We use only organic ingredients – which heal our consumers, the farmers who grow our ingredients, and the land from which our ingredients come. Whenever possible, we work with purchasers who pay a fair wage to producers, support women, and help maintain vibrant local communities. We use local suppliers whenever feasible – including our rice, which we buy from a family of organic rice farmers 50 miles from our manufacturing plant. We use low glycemic, whole food palm sugar harvested from the sweet nectar of the coconut palm flower, which doesn’t require cutting down trees and helps maintain a vibrant agroecosystem.
We use no genetically modified ingredients. We use only recycled paper and soy-based ink for our packaging. We are working with organizations like the Celiac Disease Foundation to educate people regarding the symptoms of celiac disease and how to take care of our bodies when we have this autoimmune disorder, which keeps the body from digesting gluten. We encourage diversity in the crop gene pool by using ancient grains and other alternatives to corn and wheat.


In today’s world where so much of the food and drink we consume is highly processed, Kombucha is a back to basics approach to the simple art of doing something good for you. It’s uplifting, rejuvenating and your body will love you for it.

Discovered over 2000 years ago, Kombucha is an ancient handmade drink that is created by a unique fermentation. A living natural culture of Organic Kombucha transforms the traditional ingredients to create a refreshing, natural health elixir. It is said to assist in balancing the mind, body and the spirit. Pure MOJO!


Nakula brings to you the finest selection of organic coconut products sourced from the best
farms in Asia. Nakulas premium range is of the highest quality. You will have peace of mind knowing
that we are certified organic. You will feel good knowing that you are helping a child in need as
every time Nakula product is purchased a percentage of our profits are donated to assist disadvantaged
communities in Asia. Experience Nakula today!

At Natures Organics, our motivation is based on a philosophy of creating environmentally responsible products, of the best quality, at the lowest possible price. Not only to make them more readily affordable to Australian families, but to actually reward and provide incentive for people to do the right thing, in protecting our planet – and make the important shift to more eco-sensitive alternatives.

To us, there is no sense (or value) in developing advanced products ‘that don’t cost the earth’; then charging a premium that unfairly prevents anyone from purchasing and using them. Across our range of biodegradable laundry and dishwashing detergents, household surface cleaners and carefully formulated hair and skincare offerings, our unwavering aim is to combine the best in Green attributes with product qualities that succeed in meeting users performance expectations.

With every item we create, we look to optimise the balance between using natural based plant derived ingredients, with chemical components still deemed necessary for products to work effectively – and in turn, to progressively increase and improve the natural content ratio as quickly as newfound knowledge and technologies permit.

At every sustainable step, we also act to minimise wastage of non-renewable resources; produce packaging from recycled materials and strictly ensure that the science behind all of our cruelty free product formulas requires no animal testing or animal ingredients.


OOB organic is committed to honest, premium products, made the right way. We bring our orchard, factory and farm together to give you genuine, delicious products.


Australia’s leading bakery for: Yeast Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free & Lactose Free baked goods. Our premium Gluten free products now include the top selling Gluten Free Pizza Bases, Gluten Free Wraps and our famous Certified Organic Gluten Free Wraps.


Olive Green Organics is an importer and distributor committed to sourcing quality certified organics. Our objectives are good food, your health, caring for the environment and the livelihood of food producers. Olive Green Organics believes organic status is essential for true quality because only organic foods are made with care at every step from seed to plate. Highly skilled technique and human effort produce robust and safe foods that chemicals and shortcuts cannot.

We specialise in supplying products that cater for most special dietary needs without sacrificing taste, quality or purity. A particular interest is paid to foods made with nutritious grains such as spelt, kamut, quinoa and amaranth.


We are passionate about creating wholesome organic baby meals to nourish your little one from the inside out. Stay tuned for lots of offers, tips & dribbles from the Organic Bubs team…

Our Mission is to save the planet one puree at a time!

Organic Bubs revolutionised baby food with their totally natural organic baby meals in handy BPA-free pouches. Our adventurous recipes are crammed with wholesome superfoods to nourish your little one from the inside out. No preservatives. No artificial flavours. No nasties. Just real organic food born & made in Australia.


At Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia, we are passionately committed to co-operating with and nurturing Nature;
creating premium organic dairy products with truly natural flavour. Formed in 2002, the Organic Dairy Farmers of
Australia (ODFA) began with a simple objective – to work with nature and share the benefits of organic dairy milk
with families and food producers seeking a reliable supply of high quality certified Organic milk products.

Today, the co-operative represents about 80% of the Certified Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia who collectively
supply 80% of all Australian certified organic milk. The Organic Dairy Farmers Australia brandmark is a symbol of
genuine, certified Australian organic milk and appears on many commercial brands of organic milk and organic dairy
products in Australia. Certification integrity of the whole supply chain (Farm-to-fork) is strictly adhered to
ensuring that consumers who buy Organic Dairy Farmers Australia get truly organic dairy products.
All Organic Dairy Farmers Australia farms are certified and audited by registered certifiers such as NASAA – the
respected Australian and International Organic Certifier.


Organic Indulgence is a company that prides itself on creating excellent quality food with an authentic ‘homestyle’ taste. Using certified organic ingredients, the extensive range of products include dips, pestos, fresh pasta and muesli


Our delicious products are certified organic using the finest quality ingredients. We believe in offering products that are good for us and our planet.

Our aim is to make organics available to everyone. Products that taste great, look good and are affordable. We focus on sustainability as this means better for us and for our planet.

Organic Times has been producing premium, organic chocolate products for nine years. All up, we have over fourteen years’ experience within the organic food industry. We are proudly Australian-owned and we also manufacture here in Australia.


From humble beginnings in an Australian country kitchen in 1999, The Right Food Group has grown to become one of Australia’s leading organic low allergy
organic food manufacturers. The company’s founder, Anni Brownjohn’s family had various food allergies, and her son was highly reactive to artificial colours
and flavours. The initial OZGANICS products were born out of Anni’s own kitchen recipes. Being Organic, they were free from “food nasty’s” and also gluten and
dairy free. The Right Food Group continues to develop new OZGANICS products and also brings to your table the new range of Award Winning Organic Noodle Kitchen
foods. From a small county kitchen to the tables of Australia, The Right Food Group will continue to create organic foods which are a sensation to the taste buds.


Natural production methods combined with a high technology approach to achieve best quality, most healthy, organic/biodynamic dairy products free of artificial ingredients affordable and available to a broad customer base. Fresh from paddock to plate.

We stand for premium biodynamic/organic dairy products, which are handcrafted at Paris Creek in the beautiful rolling Hills of Adelaide South Australia. Our products are made from first grade natural milk produced on farms under biodynamic farming methods. We avoid the use of homogenization, GM and hormones nor do we use UHT treatment. To provide the best possible health benefits for today’s discerning consumers looking for pure healthy food for themselves and their families.


Happiness lies, first of all, in health.

So goes the saying.

At Planet Organic we work to support your health and happiness by producing high quality certified organic products that respect you, your well-being and the future of our planet.

From the wide range of our famous organic tea, ultimate superfood and selected organic foods to our dynamic nutritional supplements, our starting point for all Planet Organic products is our dedication to organic integrity.

That’s just pure sense, after all.


We’ve created delicious organic herbal teas to match your every mood and moment. Specially blended by master herbalist Sebastian Pole, each of our blends is full of flavour and rich in therapeutic benefit. We hope you enjoy drinking our teas as much as we enjoy creating them.


RW Garcia makes delicious, all-natural tortilla chips and gluten free crackers. Great for dipping or eating right out of the bag, our chips and crackers are made from the finest ingredients and come in a wide variety of gourmet flavors. From the unique and flavorful Dippers to our MixtBag, RW Garcia chips are the hit of any get together. Snack healthy.


Jo has always loved to bake. Back in the 1980s, school kids would pay regular visits to the family farm, and while hubbie Ray gave them the full farm experience – collecting eggs, riding horses, steering the tractor and milking the goat (well, trying – she was always a bit uncooperative) – Jo would hit the kitchen and bake up a frenzy, creating her legendary muesli slice to give them a taste of country style.

Word got around, and soon Jo was on full time baking duty. And it was then that Springhill Farm became not only a working farm based in the lush hills of regional Victoria, but the site where beautiful finger slices, biscuits, rocky road and gluten free products were dreamed and created (and now enjoyed throughout Australia, nay, the world!)

Daughter Fiona has been Jo’s most critical taste tester since she was a wee tot, and these days it’s Fi and her own hubbie James that continue to dream and create that trademark Springhill Farm deliciousness.


The essence of Steaz is that it allows you to discover a better way that is “good for the mind, body and soul”. This “better way” starts with only using the highest quality ingredients sourced from socially responsible farmers and supply partners. The Steaz culture is steeped in triple bottom-line business practices focused on our core values of People, Planet & Profits for our Fair Trade farmers.

Since 2002, we have continued to offer a better way while supporting our high integrity and socially responsible ingredient partners. We are very proud of our Organic and Fair Trade certifications along with our environmentally responsible low CO2 certification with Native Energy, helping us to offset our entire carbon footprint.

Steaz is where good karma meets good for you. So enjoy and please share with us your joy in being a loyal Steazer!

Our logo represents 12 tea leaves. Twelve is a spiritual number across many religions, and also represents the 12 months of the year. For us, the intertwined leaves represent the harmony between energy, humanity and spirituality while celebrating the power of the mind, body and soul. Throw in balance, symmetry and simplicity, and you’ve got shared experiences and values that connect the people, the planet and Steaz – where great taste meets healthy lifestyles.



Scheckter’s Organic Beverages was created by Toby Scheckter, son of Jody Scheckter who owns the UK’s largest Organic farm, Laverstoke Park Farm, known as “the university of organics”. Toby spent two years sourcing the World’s finest organic ingredients & developing Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy drink before launching in January 2011.


Our business philosophy has been quite simple: we create the finest dairy-free products on the market using the best all natural ingredients obtainable, while monitoring the quality of our processes through every step until the product reaches the hands of our customers. We believe that there are no better products available today than those which bear the Turtle Mountain logo.


TBD Imports is a Brisbane based importer of great tasting all natural products.

We believe that food in its purest form – untainted by artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners and preservatives – is the best tasting and most nutritious food there is. So the foods that you will find in our range are pure and simple products that have had minimal processing and are free of artificial additives.

We don’t think pesticides, fertilisers, fungicides, herbicides, antibiotics or hormones should have a place in our food; we believe that all natural products are better for us, and better for the earth.


Each bag of Thomas Chipman Organic Chips is made using a strict set of guiding principles.

We will …

– Only use the highest quality ingredients available

– Only use organic or natural ingredients – free from chemicals and pesticides – with nothing artificial

– Not use genetically modified ingredients

– Never use hydrogenated oil

– Never add MSG, gluten or wheat

– Not add preservatives

– Follow the food safety and quality systems of our SQF food safety and quality program (the world’s premier food safety standard)

– Sell every bag was cannot eat ourselves!


Our purpose at Whole Kids is to nurture healthy kids and a healthy world.

We are committed to living and breathing our social and environmental purpose every day by:

  • Healthy products – we will make the most natural, wholesome and environmentally sustainable food for children and families.
  • Healthy people – we will nourish and nurture the health and wellbeing of our customers and our people in a way that is respectful and responsible.
  • Healthy planet – we will work to provide a sustainable environment for current and future generations, and to restore our planet’s health.
  • Our purpose is underpinned by our commitment to operating our business on the fundamental philosophy that business needs to exist for a deeper purpose beyond profit. We believe that businesses must contribute positively to a more sustainable, more equitable and more respectful relationship with their local communities, stakeholders, environment and wider society.


    Ybarra is synonymous of experience, innovation and quality. With over 170 years of history we have the knowledge necessary
    to be present on a competitive market undergoing non-stop transformation.

    We offer a wide variety of products based on selection, modern manufacturing systems together with strict quality controls.
    Expert tasters select the best olive oils at our privileged geographical location, i.e. Andalusia.

    We are specialists in making mayonnaises and sauces offering a complete variety using only top quality ingredients. We also
    make and pack vinegars, olives, vegetables, tomatoes and salt.

    At Ybarra Alimentacion Group we uphold the commitment and constant concern to offer the best quality and have large modern
    analysis and control laboratories, likewise research into new products.

    We export a philosophy of life worldwide in relation to food, highlighting the acclaimed famous Mediterranean diet and the
    excellence of olive oil.

    Ybarra places their money on innovation, adapting each product to the new lifestyles of consumers, making us a reference
    brand in the Spanish food sector and abroad.


    It all began in a little country town called Maleny on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. In 2006 Josef Zehnder was asked to produce a gluten free cake and biscuit range to supply a local establishment. In 2007, after nearly a year of market research and sales and having done trials with solely gluten free foods, Josef Zehnder and his family established ‘Zehnder Gluten Free’ in a brand new factory dedicated solely to the production of gluten free food.


    We travel the globe in search of the world’s tastiest fruits. We’re proud of the quality of our Acai. To ensure you get the best Superfruit experience we do three things: harvest only the highest quality Acai, turn it into pulp fast to lock in the freshest flavor, and employ the best bottling technology to protect the nutrients.


    Chris Cuvelier
    When Chris isn’t traveling the world, (lost in a jungle or stuck up a tree somewhere) he’s enjoying family time, catching a wave, perfecting his sun salutation or sipping some wine. Tells us Chris, where do you find the extra hours?!

    Matt Collins
    Matt’s been surfing since he was a kid. So it’s no surprise that he loves spending time in the water with his kids and helping them catch their first waves.

    Rosa Compean
    As an active mom, Rosa loves running marathons (partially to keep up with her active kids!) She also loves to unwind with a nice glass of wine.

    Ryan Stover
    Ryan is an explorer. Always off on some grand adventure; island hopping, sailing off into the sunset – and yes – sending pictures to those of us in the office.

    Devin Cardoza
    According to Devin, San Francisco has it all. From biking to live music and playing in the parks, the city is always an adventure waiting to happen!

    Jenn Chan
    Jenn’s a tough little cookie; climbing mountain tops (around the world) to their very peaks, to gain new perspectives on life and the world around her.

    Victor Padilla
    Victor is a busy, baseball-loving, family man and father of two, with a strong heart and a great outlook on life.

    Clint Melchor
    Clint’s interests include yoga, healthy eating (if he’s not near Langer’s Deli) and golf. Lots and lots of golf. Personal motto: Drive for show, putt for dough.

    Dana Mares
    Dana knows you can conquer the world, if you first take care of yourself. The health nut that she is, she finds time for herself, her family and conquering Southern California.

    Ali Roberts
    With a passion for fashion, Ali loves to explore new things in life. Through yoga, hula hooping and socializing, she challenges herself to always be her best.

    Jon Weber
    A family man through and through, Jon loves chasing his kids around the house and teaching them the finesse of becoming a fine fisherman and fisherlady.

    Lara Pati
    Lara’s stronger than Rocky Balboa and faster than Usain Bolt. A boxer and a runner, she’s the blur running past you on the Embarcadero each night as the sun sets.

    Vicky Lee
    Vicky has it down to a science! The best way to exercise, have fun, and catch up with new and old friends? Badminton, of course!

    Matt Lai
    Matt is a YES man. Constantly living life on the edge, gladly accepting challenges and embracing adventures – there’s very little this YES man hasn’t done!

    Praf Patel
    Praf loves spending time with her two beautiful little girls who love to smile and giggle and dance in the park. To us she’s Praf, but to them she’s super-mom!

    Ben Winter
    Ben doesn’t get his kicks on route 66. Nope. He’s more for driving fast, pedal to the metal style; cause after all, if you’re not first, you’re last.

    Faryn Schatz
    Faryn may be singing in the rain or standing under her umbrella-ella-ella. Perhaps she’s walking on sunshine or dancing in the moonlight. It doesn’t really matter where she’s going or what she’s doing so long as she has some music (and Jawbreaker) with her.

    Ethan Edmisten
    If you build it … No one will argue that Ethan is a music man. DJ-ing, rocking out at music festivals and humming to his own tune. But what gets him really going is his love of baseball!