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Pure Pops

The Pure Pops range is packed with nine fun flavours. From milk bar classics such as Choc Malt Shake and Mango Lime Ripple, to punchy summer fruit refreshers like Watermelon Berry Mint and Pine-Lime Coconut. Whether you’re one or 100 years old, Pure Pops suit every age, taste and personality.

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Maidea Pasta

Premium quality Italian-made gluten free pasta by Maidea!  Featuring a simple blend of rice and corn flowers, Maidea is lovingly crafted and bronze extruded for an exceptional cooked texture and flavour. Paper packaging is recyclable. Maidea is the premium GF pasta that you’ve been looking for!

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Meru Miso Soup

Our Miso Soup range has been designed to make storing and using our Miso convienent. There are two Soup Base flavours and three carefully blended flavoured soups.

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Foda Olives

Certified Organic Greek Olives No Artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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SER!OUS Smoothies

SER!OUS Smoothies for your home! The SER!OUS Smoothies retail range has been designed to simplify the process of making a healthy yet delicious smoothie at home. We have done all the prep work for you – all you need to do is add a SER!OUS Smoothie pouch to the blender with liquid and blend. Whether

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OMG Oat Milk

OMG! That’s the reaction you’ll have when you realise you don’t have to give up the creamy fresh taste of dairy, just because you don’t do dairy. Deliciously smooth, with a gentle flavour, use OMG as you would ordinary milk.

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Quillo Chips

Exquisite potato chips made in Valencia that always brings a taste of Spain to your home. Made from the best raw materials, these extra crunchy chips have an unbeatable flavour.

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