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Paris Creek Bio-Dynamic Greek Style Vanilla Yogurt

Classic. Wonderfully thick. Beautifully creamy. If you love a good Greek Style yogurt with a delightful hint of vanilla, this is the one for you. Paris Creek Farms Organic Greek Style Vanilla Yogurt is crafted in the beautiful and pristine Adelaide Hills region from 100% bio-dynamic organic milk, and we do it all without any

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House of Goodness Gourmet Gluten Free Dumplings

Perfect for a formal banquet or a healthy meal for families on the go, feed your mind and bodies with our tasty and nutritious gourmet dumplings. Our gluten free gourmet dumplings go from freezer to plate in less than 10 minutes. Made with farm fresh local produce, they make an easy, delicious and nutritious weeknight meal

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Bondi Organics Plant Based Protein

Bondi Organics Plant Based Protein Plant Powered, Gut Loving! – Our plant-based protein blends have been carefully formulated to provide a lean source of powerful, bioavailable, gut-loving goodness.

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Organic Indulgence Dips

The key to our tasty dips is keeping a home-made mentality to a large scale output; the beetroot is cooked from scratch, the carrots are peeled by hand and the herbs are stunningly fresh. Top quality sunflower oil is used instead of the highly processed canola oil found in many brands. These high standards and the best

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Tonic Alchemy Sparkling Tonic

Tonic Alchemy Sparkling Tonic Meet the new kids on the block… 3 nutritious all natural Sparkling Tonics rolling out around the country just in time for summer ! Unique, delicious and with just the right amount of fizz, these are sure to be your favourite go-to!

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Mojo Kombucha Soda

Mojo Kombucha Soda SUPER SIPPABLE GUT SUPPORT Introducing MOJO Kombucha Soda: a fun, fermented fizz with prebiotic fibre – the favourite snacks of your good gut bugs! In an Australian-first, Team MOJO have crafted a new range of kombucha to support a different aspect of gut health. Whilst our Activated Kombucha and Gut Shots are famous for their living probiotics (friendly bacteria),

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