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Vita Melon

Sparkling Watermelon Juice The drink of Summer and a must have in your fridge WHY WATERMELON? Firstly its delicious, refreshing and extremely healthy. Watermelons contain over 92% water and are full of natural goodies like Vitamins and Minerals. Add some bubbles and you have a delicious twist of nature’s Super elixir. More than just Juice,

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My Provincial Kitchen Lupin Baking Mixes

My Provincial Kitchen creates quality gluten free foods to make gluten free eating tasty, family friendly and healthy! Endorsed by Coeliac Australia Dairy Free Vegan Preservative & Additive Free Made from Western Australian grown Lupins Lupins are a legume that are high in protein & fibre while being low in carbs & bringing a wide

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Locako Collagen Coffee Creamer Sachets

Locako’s Nootropic Infused Collagen Coffee Single Origin Coffee with Cognitive Enhancers to boost energy, brain function, memory, and focus and of course with Locako’s popular coffee creamers Combining the finest quality single origin coffee with added clean ingredients such as MCT’s, Hydrolysed Collagen, Taurine, L Theanine and Siberian ginseng. MAY SUPPORT Mental Focus Sleep Quality Ketosis

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Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs

Paleo Puffs Nutrient dense powerhouse packed with organic cassava, coconut and sweet potato flours. Some sweet, some salty and all guilt-free. Sinful Taste, Clean Snacks! Grain Free Certified Organic Paleo Vegan Non GMO Gluten Free

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COYO Kefir

COYO Kefir With 15 billion live and active plant powered probiotics per serve, you can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy microbiome which studies show include a strong immune system and improved digestion. 11x Kefir cultures give our certified organic plant powered Kefir incredible probiotic diversity. Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegan Prebiotic Probiotic Planet

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Rawries Vegan Pattie Mix

Vegan Pattie Mix Our range of wholegrain super healthy patties are so easy to prepare. Add hot water, mix, form into patties and fry. Try adding extra ingredients to make it even more interesting. From Aussie paddocks to your plate! 100% Plant Based Wholegrain Gluten Free Vegan

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Serious Food Co Cookies

Cookies Our deliciously chewy cookies are made with our secret blend of plant-based ingredients – organic quinoa and coconut flours are baked with organic coconut oil and fair trade vegan dark chocolate. Snacking has a bad rap, most snack foods aren’t made in a way that’s any good for you or the planet. We’re here

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