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Liquid Death

Treat yourself with Liquid Death Sparkling Water, flavored sparkling water and still mountain water. 100% Mountain Water from the Alps, water made by nature.  This drink is filled with naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes. as well as amazing, limited-edition artwork on the bottom of each case and infinitely recyclable aluminum cans.

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Pana Organic Hot Chocolate

Treat yourself to a steaming mug of dark and decadent chocolate. Relish in sweet toffee notes of Columbian panela sugar and hints of malt, spice and almonds. Tastes like a warm hug, only more intoxicating.

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Pana Organic Hazelnut Spread

Discover the rich, indulgent flavours of Pana’s Organic Hazelnut Chocolate Spreads. Whether you prefer the delightful crunch of toasted hazelnuts or the silky smoothness of creamy chocolate, these spreads offer a luxurious taste experience with every spoonful.

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Top Sellers

Pukka Tea

We’ve created delicious organic herbal teas to match your every mood and moment. Specially blended by master herbalist Sebastian Pole, each of our blends is full of flavour and rich in therapeutic benefit. We hope you enjoy drinking our teas as much as we enjoy creating them.

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Paris Creek Bio-Dynamic Yogurt

You may remember our brand B.d Farm Paris Creek. We have taken all that is great about our Adelaide Hills brand established in 1988, and relaunched it with a re-developed product range, new design and packaging. However, it still has the same great award-winning taste! We have always been famous for our original pot set

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OOB Frozen Berries

Frozen Berries Just the world’s best fruit brought to you organically by the oob crew. While we would like to grow all fruit straight from our orchard in Omaha, we simply can’t. Our climate here in New Zealand doesn’t allow us to grow every fruit and all year round. But that’s why we have partner

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Organic Times Butter

Organic Butter Packed full of natural goodness Organic Times 100% Grass-fed Unsalted and Salted Butter are made from high quality fresh organic cream, produced from cows able to graze on organic pasture all year round. They are free-range, well-tended and naturally raised without artificial hormones. Organic Times dairy can be enjoyed knowing that organic practices

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Paris Creek Quark

High Protein – Probiotic Soft Set Cheese Nothing Artificial  No Preservatives  Non Genetic Modification  100% Certified Bio-Dynamic Organic Milk  Gluten Free  Live Probiotic Cultures Suitable for Vegetarians 

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