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Kialla Pure Foods Good Morning Drinking Oats

Good Morning Drinking Oats  A healthy breakfast sets you up to meet all the demands of the day. That’s why we created Good Morning Oats, a quick and nutritious drink that’s easy to prepare and easy to drink! A good source of fibre (it contains both soluble and insoluble fibre) and high in protein, Good

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Liberty Kombucha *New Flavour*

Liberty Kombucha is made by brewers. With new Blood Orange flavour!  We take our time, slowly fermenting and carefully crafting a traditional and healthy brew. Our Melbourne based micro-brewery is where the magic happens. Here we harvest and nourish our happy scobys. We tend to our transformative brews, and bring together organic cold pressed juices

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Sips Sparkling Water *New Flavour*

Sips Sparkling Water Refresh yourself with Sips Sparkling Water! The new generation of independent premium craft drinks. With new Raspberry with Native Riberry Flavour! We’ve combined pure Australian water with a touch of classic and Native Australian fruit flavours to create a uniquely beautiful and refreshing sip ZERO CALORIES ZERO SUGAR ZERO SWEETENER Best served

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Tartufi Jimmy Truffle Chips

Best quality truffle flavoured potato chips by Italy’s Tartufi Jimmy. Featuring only the finest truffle, these delicious snacks are sure to impress even the most discerning foodie or truffle connoisseur. Great for entertaining, or all for yourself! Palm Oil Free

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Tika Artesan Chips

From Chile come Tika artisan chips. Made with rare ancient root vegetable varieties, Tika are a feast for your eyes and your taste buds! Tika chips are gluten and cholesterol free; contain no added colours or flavours; and are low sodium. 100 % natural and completely delicious, it’s time to tuck into pack of delicious

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Cobs Pop’d Chips

Cobs Pop’d Chips  Looking for a natural flavour hit? Then get ready to be popped full of flavour, as Cobs delivers a brand new chip hit, which will be bursting off the shelves. Pop’d Chips are air popped to perfection, ensuring they have all the crunch and flavour burst of a regular chip, but are

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The Ferm Fermented Sauces

Australia’s first range of naturally fermented sauces! The mission is overwhelmingly simple yet cunningly complex – collect farm fresh ingredients, let them age and intensify, blend, brew, bottle and let the people sauce themselves silly. Inspired and driven by the art of fermentation our master brewer spent an entire decade fermenting ingredients, from capsicum to

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