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Tonic Alchemy Daily Turmeric Tonic

Our Tonics Our tonics are like drinking liquid sunshine because they are based on the nourishing and super healthy properties found in natural turmeric and ginger. Why Turmeric? Beyond being an ancient herbal remedy, turmeric’s health benefits for our modern times are now tested and proven. Curcumin’s anti-inflammatory properties can help relieve swelling even assist

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CO YO Probiotic Desert Yoghurt

CO YO Probiotic Desert Yoghurt For your 3 pm pick-me-up or comforting couch dessert indulge your taste-buds with our new Probiotic Dream Treats, including cult flavoured favourites: Salted Caramel, Sticky Date and Lemon and Cream. But because we’re all about living our best lives, these super dense and unbelievably delicious pots of goodness are still

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Alkalife Naturally Alkaline Mineral Water

Alkalife Naturally Alkaline Mineral Water We use the brilliance of nature to bring you our alkalife Natural Alkaline Water. We simply tap into a process that is so healthy for you and deliver it to you for an energised life. The benefits of drinking natural alkaline water are not only anecdotal, it’s backed by science. The following research studies contain

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Planet Organic Coffee Pods

Coffee Pods It’s the unique combination of our carefully selected coffee beans and small batch roasts which delivers premium freshness and the smooth, rich, full bodied flavour and aroma in our Planet Organic coffees. Fairtrade and certified organic coffee packed in certified 100% Biodegradable and Compostable plant based bio capsules. The capsules are hermetically sealed

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Kreol Range

Kreol Sparkling Prebiotic Drink

Made with Biodynamic Unpasteurised Apple Cider Vinegar Containing the Live Mother Culture Low in Sugar All Natural Ingredients Gut Cleansing Must be refrigerated or stored below 15 degrees Perishable. Consume within 2 days of opening. The differences between Prebiotics and Probiotics?                     

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Eat To Live Cakes

Eat To Live  We believe Buckwheat Cakes can change Lives and help build a healthier World. Our Dream is to have New Healthy Bread Alternative available and affordable to everyone. Organic Wholegrain Vegan Super Seed More Protein Than Rice 100% Natural Air Popped Not Fried No Preservatives Non-GMO

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Plant Nation Frozen Sausages & Burgers

Plant Nation  Plant Nation’s range of vegetarian and vegan friendly plant-protein based products makes it easy for Australians to experience the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet, without missing out on the flavours they’ve come to know and love. Low in fat and high in protein and iron, with up to 80% less

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Foddies Frozen Meals

Frozen Meals We get it. It’s tough. You’re sick of spending hours in the supermarket trying to find something you can eat. You’re sick of getting excited about a product only to find it has hidden garlic or gluten. You’re sick of how inconvenient feeding yourself can be. We got you. Low FODMAP Gluten Free Dairy

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Umami Pantry Miso Paste

Miso Paste  Our miso pastes are a health and wellness powerhouse and bring an unparalleled level of savoury, umami richness to the kitchen. Naturally Fermented Unpasteurized Vegan Australian Made Organic Ingredients  

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