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Made with Raw Love Handmade Raw Chocolate * NEW FLAVOURS

Made with Organic Ingredients Handmade in NSW using local and imported ingredients Vegan* Sugar Free* Dairy Free* 100% Australian Recycled Outer Packaging Vegetable Ink Printing & Compostable Cello Bag *Apply to certain flavours 40g ctn 12 Radiant Caramel (Caramel & Pearl Powder) *NEW  Dairy Free Choc Orange (Orange & Hemp Seed) *NEW  Dairy Free Bee

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Made By Cow Probiotic Kefir

Made By Cow Probiotic Kefir A nutrient-rich drink loaded with a unique blend of 14 live kefir cultures and probiotics. Made with quality, raw Jersey milk that’s expertly treated with cold high pressure, then naturally fermented with traditional kefir micro-flora. It’s 100% natural, deliciously creamy and loaded with probiotic goodness. This is cold pressed raw

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Paradise Cold Brew *NEW PACKAGING*

Paradise Cold Brew Coffee Paradise is a still, cold brew cofee infused with nitrogen to give it a creamy texture and sweeter taste without the need for milk or sugar. Sugar Free Dairy Free Vegan  Made in Melbourne  The next generation of independent premium craft drinks!

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Sips Sparkling Water

Sips Sparkling Water Refresh yourself with Sips Sparkling Water! The new generation of independent premium craft drinks. We’ve combined pure Australian water with a touch of classic and Native Australian fruit flavours to create a uniquely beautiful and refreshing sip ZERO CALORIES ZERO SUGAR ZERO SWEETENER Best served chilled 330ml ctn 12   

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Symons Organic Dairy Butter

Australian Grass Feed Dairy Butter  Since 1919 our family has been delivering milk in Bendigo, long before herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics and GMO’s were used in agriculture. The cows that give us the organic cream to churn our butter are fed on grass and free to roam all year round. Another example of Simply Symons Goodness!

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Paris Creek Organic Yogurt

You may remember our brand B.d Farm Paris Creek. We have taken all that is great about our Adelaide Hills brand established in 1988, and relaunched it with a re-developed product range, new design and packaging. However, it still has the same great award-winning taste. We listened to the feedback from our customers looking for

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Kreol Sparkling Probiotic Pineapple & Ginger

Pineapple & Ginger Kreol’s sparkling probiotic drinks contain multiple strains of carefully selected probiotics. These active cultures help aid digestive function and strengthen your mircobiota. Ingredients: Filtered water, Kreol probiotic culture (lactobacillus plantarum & bacillus coagulans), raw organic apple cider vinegar, organic ginger juice, lime juice, lime extract, pineapple puree, natural birch xylitol.   

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Meru Miso Umami Salt

Umami Salt is a delicious flavour enhancing, alternative to using normal salt in your cooking. Using all Australian, organic ingredients means it is better for you as well. Use as a direct one-for-one salt replacement in your cooking. Australian Made from Australian Ingredients  Naturally Fermented Organic & Biodynamic Ingredients  No GMO Vegan Friendly    

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Pukka Day To Night Collection 20s

Day To Night Collection  Day to Night Collection contains five delicious and supportive organic Pukka teas – Ginseng Matcha Green, Turmeric Gold, Revitalise, After Dinner and Night Time — to take you from dawn until dusk.  

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