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Mt Elephant Hemp

Mt Elephant Hemp Hemp For Health This plant-based powerhouse is packed with nutrients and minerals designed to enhance your health and wellbeing. Hemp is bursting with essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc, meaning it is incredible for boosting energy, strengthening the immune system and promoting heart health. All

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Absolute Organic Olives

Absolute Organic Olives Olives are high in monounsatured fat, vitamin E, iron and dietary fibre. Absolute Organic Olives are full flavoured. Certified organic Gluten free Vegan Product of Greece

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Pure Harvest NOM Milk

Pure Harvest NOM Milk At Pureharvest we pride ourselves on making a wide variety of delicious products that are made from only the best whole, organic and natural ingredients. We believe it is important that we fuel our bodies with foods that are good for our bodies and the environment. Our NOM Milk range is

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Mojo Gut Shots

Mojo Gut Shots A HANDY PROBIOTIC KICKSTART IN A MINI LOW SUGAR SIP! After more than ten years of brewing and bottling authentic kombucha, Team MOJO has brought something brand new to a fridge near you. Say hello to MOJO Gut Shots! Bringing you big kombucha goodness in a small package, each mini MOJO is: Made with live kombucha

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Auga Organic Soups

Auga Organic Soups It’s ACO Certified Organic! At AUGA we make food in a smart way. It is grown naturally, without depleting the soil and strictly avoiding any chemicals in the process Product of Lithuania. Smart Pack: less CO2, less waste Preservative Free Vegan Friendly Ready To Eat; Heat & Serve 400g CTN 10

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Kooee Snack Stick

Kooee Snack Stick We grew up eating traditional salami sticks from the local deli, but came to realise that they are full of mystery ingredients and artificial flavours. So we decided to go back to basics and make a brand new guilt-free snack, using only the best quality ingredients that you can trust and feel

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Tonic Alchemy Daily Turmeric Tonic

Our Tonics Our tonics are like drinking liquid sunshine because they are based on the nourishing and super healthy properties found in natural turmeric and ginger. Why Turmeric? Beyond being an ancient herbal remedy, turmeric’s health benefits for our modern times are now tested and proven. Curcumin’s anti-inflammatory properties can help relieve swelling even assist

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CO YO Probiotic Desert Yoghurt

CO YO Probiotic Desert Yoghurt For your 3 pm pick-me-up or comforting couch dessert indulge your taste-buds with our new Probiotic Dream Treats, including cult flavoured favourites: Salted Caramel, Sticky Date and Lemon and Cream. But because we’re all about living our best lives, these super dense and unbelievably delicious pots of goodness are still

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Alkalife Naturally Alkaline Mineral Water

Alkalife Naturally Alkaline Mineral Water We use the brilliance of nature to bring you our alkalife Natural Alkaline Water. We simply tap into a process that is so healthy for you and deliver it to you for an energised life. The benefits of drinking natural alkaline water are not only anecdotal, it’s backed by science. The following research studies contain

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