Banting Food Co

A good friend of mine introduced me to Tim Noakes book ‘The Real Meal Revolution’ In 2014 and the way I had been eating for  years had finally been published.

I believe that in general our diets are to heavily centred around carbs and sugar. From rice to bread to pasta. Myself, Tim and the original Banter – William Banting- believe this is all wrong.  Rather than fill myself up on endless carbs and be held to the addiction of sugar, I decided to try a Low Carb High Healthy Fat (LCHF) diet……….it worked!

The Banting Food Co. came about whilst trying to find a Muesli that was Low Sugar and Low Carb. Struggling to find anything Low Carb and Low Sugar we decided to make my own.

Made with the best sourced nuts, seeds and coconut oil – our first product Good Banter was created – Today Our Mueslis are still handmade by our Banters in Melbourne.

Product’s we sell