Biodynamic Marketing


In 1981, Alex, Trevor Hatch (BD beef and potato producer) and John Claringbould founded the Biodynamic Marketing Co Ltd. a not-for-profit company, to distribute Biodynamic produce to consumers. The Biodynamic Marketing Co is a soundly based, viable business, but is not profit driven. Its genuine aim is to act as the effective link between Biodynamic farmers and consumers.

Today, the Biodynamic Marketing Co now delivers bio-dynamic and organic food daily to the Melbourne Metropolitan area and despatches goods Australia wide from the wholesale market.

The Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Australia was founded in the mid 1953, by a group of farmers practising the “Australian Demeter-standard” method of Biodynamics as developed by Alex Podolinsky.

As Biodynamic farmers, their primary aims were to rejuvenate the soil and provide a sound future for the earth. As a result, they produce healthy, organic food for consumers across Australia.

In 1967, the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute registered the Demeter trademark in Australia, and developed the first organic/Biodynamic certification scheme to guarantee the integrity of Biodynamic produce to consumers. As consumer awareness grew, customers started to seek more Biodynamic and Organic food and drinks.

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