Cleopatra’s Bath Milk

The Mahaffey family, the people behind Cleopatras bath milk, the original and the best raw milk on the market. They believe in natural raw food and feeding the living soil; to feed the plants; to feed the animals. Cleopatra Farm only milks jersey cows as they provide the richest milk in the world, with the highest fat & protein percentages, more calcium & more goodness than any other breed. The land on our farm is certified A grade organic. No chemicals or pesticides are used. Their cows have fresh pasture every day, and only ever have access to hay, and are not fed silage. They plant pastures every year, a mixture rye grass, clover, herbs, lucerne. this mix is a great variety of plants to ensure well fed healthy cows. Other paddocks are planted with oats, barley or millet, whichever may suit the season. 

Cleopatra’s Bath Milk has been Divinely engineered and designed for many purposes. It is produced in one of the most complex and integrated factories found on the planet and was first produced thousands of years ago. The tradition has been carried out through genetic engineering since the beginning of the race and may even to this day be improving with time.

That FACTORY is the humble and quiet JERSEY COW!

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