Counter Culture

Counter Culture began as a reaction to all the toxic chemicals I wanted to eliminate from my home. The journey began more ten years ago when my 3-year-old daughter managed to lock herself in the bathroom. She was found safe, but with bleach cleaner spotted down the front of her dress.

Right then, I began searching for a way to clean without the stuff that can poison our children and damage the environment. Along the way I found some scientists who had been doing groundbreaking work with bacteria. They created a probiotic cleaner for a livestock farmer who wanted to reduce the chemicals his animals were exposed to. It turns out his pigs were healthier and his cows had less infections once he ditched the chemicals. I thought, if it can clean an actual pigsty, surely it can clean my countertop!

We’ve been working with these guys ever since, road testing our formulas back in Australia, and creating Counter Culture products that are completely safe, work great, and smell ten times better than grandma’s potpourri. Besides the fun fact that when you use our product, you literally clean your counter with cultures, we named our brand because we reject the status quo of cleaning by killing 99% of bacteria.

Product’s we sell