Dr Karg’s


Our philosophy is simple: We take selected ingredients and lots of time, and combine them with traditional baking artisanry to produce the authentic quality our customers appreciate so much. Our very own “purity law” obliges us to exclusively use best natural ingredients which are then made into a delicious crispbread product using our artisanal expertise.

As a traditional, family-owned business we deliberately act sustainably. We offer appealing working conditions, are aware of our social responsibility, take care to have an environmentally friendly production, and try to promote regionally-produced ingredients as well as the regional aspects of our own products. Consequently, we are proud of our success.

Our crispbread is honest, authentic food, promising a special “cracking good bite”. Whether at work or in your free time, at home or on the go – we all agree: The best crunchy snack is made in Franconia.

Product’s we sell