Kapai Puku


I grew up in New Zealand to a Maori Mum and Irish Dad. We had a big Maori family and I loved all my uncles, aunties, and cousins, and they returned the love in kind. Their hearts were bigger than they were – we just weren’t careful with our nutrition. Whenever we did our Kiwi beach and BBQ trips, I’d be ashamed to take off my t-shirt and hop in the water. I didn’t want girls to see my boy boobs. I had zero confidence in my body. It frustrated me to no end. These years growing up cemented my mindset, influencing the rest of my life. Something had to change.

This was the beginning of my journey toward an all-natural fitness and nutrition lifestyle. I didn’t want to be obese; I didn’t want to be diabetic. I didn’t want to be another metabolic syndrome statistic. I had to find a better way to nourish my body and mind. That’s why I started Kapai Puku. To lose weight, feel energised, and step out into life with confidence every day. That’s the seed of life that blooms into enjoyment and fulfillment. That’s Kapai Puku.


With around 8 meters of intestinal tract in our bodies, which in perspective is the equivalent length of a bus, it is vital to eat an easily absorbed, fiber rich diet, in order to maintain a healthy digestive system. KAPAI PUKU® is an amazing blend of high fiber, raw ingredients and wholegrains including Chia Seeds, Linseeds, and Sesame Seeds which can be eaten in a variety of different and tasty ways.

Consuming just one serve per day of KAPAI PUKU®  will exfoliate and cleanse the intestinal tract, increase metabolic rate and act as an appetite suppressant. KAPAI PUKU® is one of the highest fiber energy sources on the market today, made up of 100% natural ingredients with no added salt, dairy, nuts or preservatives, KAPAI PUKU® products provide an easy and delicious solution for daily optimum health and regularity. All products in the range are also GM, Gluten and Wheat free and are suitable for vegans. It’s simple, unprocessed food – medicine, the way Mother Nature intended.\

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