Kookas Natural

Motivated by the lack of nutritious snack options available in the Australian marketplace, naturopath and nutritionist Jo Clark had an idea.

Combining her passion for wellness and love of cooking, she decided to create a range of natural cookies that are wholesome yet delicious. Using only the highest quality ingredients and superfoods that were primarily organic, it was determined to prove that healthy didn’t have to mean tasteless.

As a sufferer of egg and dairy intolerances herself, Jo was committed to providing an alternate treat for people with food allergies. After countless hours in the kitchen, she came up with 4 unique mouth-watering recipes and started selling her cookies at the local Farmers Market where the response was overwhelming.

With a little help and inspiration from her family business Kookas Country Cookies, Kookas Natural Cookies was born. Proudly Australian owned, our guilt free gourmet treats are also 100% Australian made.

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