Made With Raw Love


Made With Raw Love was launched on NYE 2013 at Tribe, a raw cacao party in Melbourne.

The beginning of Made With Raw Love is a love story all in itself. On one of Tahlia and Scott’s first dates, Scott prepared some frankincense and honey raw chocolate. The incredible use of healing oils in chocolate amazed Tahlia and from that day forth their creation and personal journey of healing with food has evolved.

Made With Raw Love’s vision came from a passion for health and mother nature. It’s no coincidence that much of the inspiration and initial ideas came to them when immersed in nature (Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia) whilst completing a fast to work on their health. The photograph of the cacao pod was taken on this trip, it was in fact the first cacao pod that they had ever seen, which to their amazement presented itself at a road side stall.

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