Mary’s Gone Crackers

Before there was Mary’s Gone Crackers, there was Mary Waldner. She had been diagnosed with celiac disease in 1994. Once she eliminated gluten from her diet, she discovered her healthful, vital self…and something else: that the gluten-free food available in stores left a lot to be desired. Not to be denied the basic human joy of great tasting food, she took matters into her own oven mitts and began baking gluten-free crackers in her kitchen.

People were curious about Mary’s crackers with all those seeds and unexpected ingredients. For those who shared her diagnosis, Mary’s crackers were heaven-sent. They appealed to others who just liked how good they felt after eating them. Mary’s crackers were made with love and caught on in a big way.

Mary’s Gone Crackers was founded in 2004 with her homegrown recipes and a dedicated gluten-free baking facility in Northern California. The company has grown at a rapid pace ever since, expanding its offerings while staying true to its mantra “Authentic. Organic. Gluten Free. Always.”

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