Organic Bubs

It started with our bubs. When they finally arrived we couldn’t believe how much we loved them.

When it came time for them to try their first foods, we wanted to nourish and nurture them. Feeding time was about texture, colour, taste & fun.

We believe a dish is only as good as the ingredients used to make it. We have spent years searching for organic growers and suppliers who are as passionate as we are about nutrient rich produce and sustainable farming.

We jam pack our meals with adventurous ingredients selected for their nutritional superfood status, such as raspberries, yoghurt, coconut, baby spinach, sweetcorn, chicken, chia and fig.

We hand select our produce from high-grade organic farms and only use gluten-free power grains, such as quinoa, amaranth, millet and flaxseed.

We believe the foods that our Bubs eat help to create who they are. That’s why our meals contain no additives, preservatives, GMOs, artificial colouring or flavouring, added salt or sugar, thickeners or other fillers.

Product’s we sell