five:am Yoghurt Large Tubs

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Five:am Yoghurt

Boutique brewed from our very own ‘culture club’ it’s not only organically certified; it’s organically sourced – which means it’s healthy for you & helps promote a healthy environment too. Made free from nasties like herbicides, pesticides & hormones.

Honey & Cinnamon 700g | ctn 6 
Nothing stirs the pot quite like the organic woodiness of our honey & cinnamon yoghurt. With the natural sweetness of honey, it’d be a ‘cin’ not to have some more.
Ingredients: Organic Milk, Organic raw sugar, Organic cream, Organic honey (3%), milk solids, rice starch, cinnamon, citric acid, live cultures (incl. probiotics acidophilus & bidfidus) 

Natural (No Added Sugar) 700g | ctn 6 
This one’s sure to win you over with its natural charm. With no added sugar, there’s not a bad word that can be said about this basic all star.
Ingredients: Organic Milk, organic milk solids, milk solids, live cultures (incl. probiotics acidophilus & bidfidus) 

Strawberry Fields 700g | ctn 6 
It’s as luxurious as organic yoghurt can get. Our take on an all time classic flavour in a big tub for sharing.
Ingredients: Organic milk, organic raw sugar, organic strawberry pulp (5%), organic cream, milk solids, organic milksolids, rice starch, natural strawberry flavour, pectin, black carrot and blackcurrant concentrate, live cultures (incl. probiotics acidophilus and bifidus).

Vanilla Bean 700g | ctn 6 
Straight from the pod, and flecked through the creamy goodness of our delectable organic yoghurt, this is seriously killa villa.
Ingredients: Organic Milk, organic raw sugar, water, organic cream, milk solids, rice starch, organic milk solids, natural vanilla flavour, vanilla bean macerates, citric acid, live cultures (incl. probiotics acidophilus & bidfidus) 



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