Franjo’s Kitchen Lactation Biscuits

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Make your Mooies Milk 

At Franjo’s Kitchen, we understand how hard it can be to look after yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed and sleep-deprived with your new bub. You need a wholesome snack that will lift your energy levels and support a healthy milk supply.

Our ‘biscuits for your boobs’ have been designed by our very own naturopath & nutritionist. All of the ingredients were specifically chosen with breastfeeding mums and their little ones in mind.

Our Tankers are full of natural galactagogues – oats, brewers yeast and flaxseeds together with nutritious chia seeds. Galactagogues have been used for many years by breastfeeding mums to help with their milk supply.

Whilst breastfeeding, we know that what you put in your body is so important so you won’t see any additives, preservatives, colours or artificial nasties.

We recommend you eat 2-3 tankers per day.

  • Dairy Free*
  • Egg Free
  • Vegan
  • GMO Free
  • Australian Made & Owned

We encourage you to recycle or creatively up-cycle this packaging. It makes a great crayon or play dough holder or even a lovely home for lonely pieces of lego.

Manufactured on equipment that also makes products containing soy, gluten, tree nuts & dairy