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FreshPaper keeps your fruit, veggies & baked goods fresh for longer, naturally – empowering you to eat your freshest diet ever!

25% of the world’s food is lost to spoilage. We’re a small social enterprise taking on this huge global challenge.

Made with active botanicals, and has been scientifically shown to keep food fresh.

  • Save Money & Reduce Waste
  • Made with Active Organic Botanicals
  • Award-Winning & Patented
  • Recyclable & Compsotable

How to use:

  • Keep a sheet everywhere you store baked goods or drop into fridge draws, fruit bowls, salad bags, berry cartons – no wrapping needed
  • Sheets stay active for 30 days, or until their naturally delicious maple scent fades

FreshPaper is a natural product, so variations are to be expected. Made with spices on equipment that may also process wheat or nuts. Don’t put sheets (or your breads and produce) in wet or air-tight containers – let ’em breathe!

Made in the USA