Living Planet Goat’s Milk 1L (UHT)


Goat’s Milk is a popular drink around the world, enjoyed for its health benefits and its delicious sweet and slightly salty taste.

The butterfat globules in goat milk are smaller than those found in cow’s milk, making for a smoother tasting and easier to digest milk.

Goat’s Milk is a very good source of calcium and the amino acid tryptophan, and a good source of vitamin D, protein, phosphorus, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and potassium.

As a result goat’s milk is an excellent food for maintaining health and well being; helping the body manage blood pressure and energy, building healthy bones and lowering your risk of cancer.

Goat’s milk can sometimes be consumed without any problems by those who are unable to tolerate cow’s milk.

As with all Living Planet products our Goat’s Milk is made without the use of genetically modified organisms, hormones, or any other harmful chemicals.

NO Artifical Chemicals
NO Pesticides
NO Colourings
NO Preservatives

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Units Per Carton