Love Your Guts Water Kefir *New Flavour*

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Love Your Guts Water Kefir

*With new Lemon flavour*

Water kefir (pronounced“ keh-feer”), is a fermented beverage that has been used by indigenous cultures over the centuries and only recently been re-discovered by our modern society. Water kefir is both a delicious refreshing drink and one that possesses powerful health benefits.

Water kefir cultures are made up of colonies of bacteria and yeast that look like little crystals or grains. Our kefir grains are fed locally produced, organic sugar and fruits and ferment in pure Tasmanian spring water, sourced from the limestone karst countryside of Mole Creek. The kefir “grains” ferment the sugars into a delicious fizzy drink, significantly reducing the sugar content whilst producing billions of probiotics, digestive enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and

80% of our immunity is housed in our gut and our gut intestinal microbiome, essential for optimal digestion and health, receives a powerful boost when fed probiotics like water kefir.

Keep refrigerated at or below 4 degrees 

  • A low sugar alternative to standard soft drinks
  • Contains billions of Pro-Biotics to help boost the immune system
  • High in mineral & vitamins
  • Easily digested
  • Is preservative free, organically sourced, caffeine & gluten free
  • And taste delicious!!

Due to fermentation, may contain trace amount of alcohol no more than 0.5% Floaties happen! This is a good sign of healthy probiotic activity.