Meru Fresh Miso Paste

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What is Miso?

Understanding Miso is like understanding wine, no two Cabernets or Shiraz taste the same. It is the same with Miso, one white Miso from one Miso Maker will taste different to a white Miso from any other Miso Maker. And just like wine, there are some Miso that are mass produced with an anomalous flavour profile while others are crafted by artisan makers in small batches to the highest standards.

Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning made from koji (inoculated rice, barley or soybeans), soybeans and salt.

Miso has been a staple food in Japan for centuries and has been widely studied for it’s health benefits. Our Tasmanian Miso is made using the same traditional methods that have been used for centuries so that we preserve the natural goodness of miso.

Time to now find out how to use Miso!

  • Made with 100% Australian Organic Ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Product of Australia
  • Naturally Fermented
  • Not Pasteurised
  • No GMO

Fresh Sweet White (Shiro) Miso 350g

The Sweetest of the Meru range, this Miso has a delicate sweetness that is balanced against the saltiness with a lingering celery infused umami. Perfect for classic Miso soup.

Fresh Sweet Red (Edo) Miso 350g

The middle of the Meru range, this Miso has a deeper and more complex sweetness compared to our Sweet White Miso. This Miso has notes of caramel and maple in the sweetness which pairs perfectly with the saltiness.

Fresh Mild Yellow Chickpea Miso (Soy Free) 350g

This is the strongest Miso in the Meru range, but still quite mild overall. The Chickpeas give a definite nutty flavour to the Miso and the underlying sweetness is subtle.