The Nutty Milk


We are the only Organic Certified, FODMAP Certified, Fresh Nut Milks produced in Australia!

We choose to Cold Press our Nut Milks. Any heat used in the production of Nut Milks can damage the amazing vitamins and antioxidants Nuts contain. Using heated pasteurisation techniques may give Nut Milks a longer life but you also lose most of the nutritious goodness.

We use activated nuts in all our products. Activating nuts breaks down the natural outer barrier the nuts have. It helps to remove phytic acid which allows our products to be more gentle on your digestive system.

  • Raw
  • Cold Pressed
  • Activated Nuts
  • High % of Nuts
  • Vegan
  • Made in Australia
  • BPA Free

Certified Biodynamic Almond Milk 750ml 
16% Activated Almonds
Ingredients: 86% filtered water, 11% biodynamic Australian Almods, sunflower lecithin, himalayan sea salt. 

Certified Biodynamic Almond & Date Milk 750ml 
16% Activated Almonds
Ingredients: 85% filtered water, 11% biodynamic australian almonds, organic medjool dates, sunflower lecithin, himalayan salt. 

Certified Organic Cashew Milk 750ml 
16% Activated Cashews
Ingredients: 85% filtered water, 14% organic cashews, sunflower lecithin, himalayan sea salt. 

Certified Organic Macadamia Milk 750ml 
12% Activated Macadamias
Ingredients: 89% filtered water, 10% organic australian macadamias, sunflower lecithin, himalayan salt 

Organic Hemp Mylk  750ml (Not yet certified organic) 
with Turmeric & Dates
Ingredients: 87% filtered water, 10% Organic Hulled Hemp seeds, Organic medjool dates, Organic coconut butter, Organic turmeric, Organic black pepper, himalayan sea salt.

We don’t add: Carrageenan, Xanthum Gum, Rice Milk, Rice Malt Syrups, Sugars, Preservatives & flavours.